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Erin Hunting [userpic]


April 14th, 2010 (08:35 pm)

I've recently tried drawing a couple of comics with varying degrees of success and with still lots to learn.

Erin Hunting [userpic]

Yoyo Rabbit Prcoess

March 23rd, 2010 (07:22 pm)

Just a little snippet into the creation of one of my characters.

1.I usually doodle while I'm watching tv or I just have fun playing with shapes in my sketchbook until I find something I start to like. I always find my pencil work a bit dull, since my characters are quite blocky and solid and I don't possess the loose lines that I like so much in alot of other artist's work.

2.My favourite process of drawing itself I think. I've always loved to ink and this is where I find that my drawings start to take their first breath. It's always fun for me to find the different lines of weight in my lines and funnily enough I usually find myself holding my breath as I ink!

3.After scanning the inked drawing, it's into Photoshop for a colour. Mixing solid flat colours with a more chalky and subtle shading technique. It's usually given a final dash with a highly imaginative block of solid colour behind it!

Erin Hunting [userpic]

Creature Feature 18

March 18th, 2010 (10:44 pm)
current location: Melbourne, Australia

Alexander Alligator- A door to door businessman who sometimes forgets quite what he's meant to be selling. A friendly, social character, he'd much prefer a cup of hot tea from a customer, rather than sell...well whatever it is he sells.

Bubble Monster- This character loves bubbles, especially blowing them, although he hates it when they pop on his rather protruding horns.

I got the blues bunny- A rather sombre character who can often be found alone strumming on his banjo. Loves wallowing in the blues, and has a prized selection of old LP's as he believes that cd's steal a muscian's soul. Also believes that Britney Spears is the anti-christ.

Bubbles Bunny-Not much is known of Bubbles Bunny, although is rumoured to smell of marshmellow, which hunters roam forests far and wide to catch a sniff of. Is friendly but shy.

Octo-Pus-Poor Octopus is full of acne, although puberty hit him more than a decade ago. Can often be found in his own pool of pus, which isn't a hit with the ladies. Favorite movie is Ferris Buller's Day Off.

Love Thief- A sneaky character who swipes women's hearts whenever he can. He's not about wooing, prefering instead to creep about in the middle of night and snatch lonely hearts. Must be approached with caution.

Here's my inks, all done with brush pens.

Erin Hunting [userpic]

A little update

February 21st, 2010 (06:21 pm)

Now tell me who could not be a Tintin fan??

Not a fan of the Ipad if it's not about the paper and ink thanks.

And finally, my favorite part of school was always hometime!

Erin Hunting [userpic]

January's Sketch

January 9th, 2010 (04:15 pm)

Long time no see!

Erin Hunting [userpic]

Vote Panda San!

August 1st, 2009 (12:03 pm)

Please :)

Panda San
by missleo
on MojiZu

Erin Hunting [userpic]

In Love with Rainbows

July 4th, 2009 (11:56 am)
current song: Gravity- Bic Runga

A character who's in love with puddles & rainbows

The background & foreground is awash with watercolour & our sappy, green character is coloured in Copic markers, just the way he likes it!

Erin Hunting [userpic]

Creature Feature 15

June 15th, 2009 (05:29 pm)

And they keep on marching on :)

Erin Hunting [userpic]

Blogger & Denny

June 14th, 2009 (07:28 pm)

I am not as inclined to post my artwork up here these days so if you don't want to miss an update, you can catch all of my work over at http://erinhuntingart.blogspot.com/

I will still post here though, & in that case, here's a recent commission I did for a very talented artist.
This is her character, drawn by me!

Character ©Kristen Bailey

Erin Hunting [userpic]

Family Clan

May 26th, 2009 (10:17 pm)

More character development, this time a 'typical' cartoon family! Also experimented *slightly* with the colours & left them flat.
Inked, scanned & coloured in Photoshop.

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